Ante Delija: Wrestling is the strongest segment of my fighting style

September 24th, 2014

Ante Delija: Wrestling is the strongest segment of my fighting style

Ante Delija will fight at the FFC Futures event for the second time this autumn. This time he will headline the MMA part of the event and his opponent will be Archontis Taxiarchis. On this occasion we asked him a couple of questions about his upcoming match and he told us more about his preps, his last fight and his ambitions to win the FFC belt.

You are to fight at the FFC Futures event again. What were your impressions last time?

My impressions were great. I did a great match and did not lack the concentration. I am happy with what I've shown and I'm extremely glad when I fight before the Croatian audience at such great events in the FFC organization.

You are to fight in the same ring with young upcoming fighters. Do you think they see you as a role model since you are on a level they dream about?

I'm sure they have their role models. I do not know if I'm one of them. I've never given it a thought. I sacrifice a lot of things. Everything I achieved, I achieved through my own work and effort. I think they could look up to that.

Can you tell us more about your opponent Archontis Taxiarchis? Not many people here know about him.

I've been doing preps for the opponent who cancelled seven days before the match. I am sorry I will not fight him. I know very little about my new opponent. I hope he will put up a good fight and I hope I will defeat him in an attractive way.

We've seen a new you in the match against Valentijn Overeem. You improved your wrestling techniques enormously. Was that the aspect you've worked the most on?

Wrestling is the best segment of my fighting. At the moment I'm working on the improvement of other fighting techniques. Maro Perak ensured the best training conditions. We also worked with coach Saban Seidi who won the bronze medal thrice at the Olympics. Moreover, my coaches Fesa Vukotic, Zvonimir Ucovic and Gordan Vatavuk also helped me with the preps. I owe my progress to my sparring partners as well. They helped me a lot to overcome Overeem.

Many believe you will win the match, especially as an FFC star. Do you see it as a pressure?

I only wish to win; I do not feel any pressure.

Do you hope for the FFC title fight after this match?

Of course. That is my goal. That's what I want and I will patiently wait for my shot.

Other title candidates are Dion Starring and Ricco Rodriguez. Whom would you prefer to fight again?

I would like a rematch with Dion. I think it would be great for the audience.

More and more good fighters are joining the FFC. Nandor Guelmino is one of them and he is to fight your friend Maro Perak. Can you tell us something about their match?

Nandor is a dangerous fighter. He used to fight in the UFC and I think they had no reason to fire him. That's surely great for the FFC. He is tough. His first FFc fight will be with Maro Petak. I think it will be Nandor's most difficult match ever. Maro is OK with his fighting style and I'm sure he will win.

What is your message for the fighting sports lovers who are planning to come to FFC Futures 3?

I would like to thank all of you, guys, who support me. It means a lot to me. Thank you. I promise it will be a great match and I invite you all to come to support me.