Delija: I want to fight Dorijan Ilic!

June 18th, 2013

Delija: I want to fight Dorijan Ilic!

In the first major challenge of his career, Dorijan Ilic managed to justify his status as one of the greatest MMA hopes in the region, and his express and brutal knockout win over Emil Poljak got him in the sights of dangerous Ante Delija.

The Dubrovnik-based fighter watched FFC 6 live on TV and clearly believes he has found the ideal opponent for his next fight in the Croatian organization.

"I want Dorijan Ilic," Ante was concise via his Facebook profile after the Poljak vs Ilic fight.

It looks like fans are up for it as well, and whether Orsat Zovko will grant his wish will probably become known in late summer, considering the next FFC event is not to be held until September in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), followed up by a show in the ancient Roman Arena in Pula, Croatia.