Denis Marjanović about potential opponents in his first title defense

December 23rd, 2016

Denis Marjanović about potential opponents in his first title defense

First FFC middleweight champion in kickboxing, Denis Marjanović, revealed what he thinks about his next opponents and next title defense.

At FFC 27 that took place last weekend in Zagreb, Croatia, Denis scored a solid win over his tough opponent, Austria’s Rene Wimmer. However, now he became the target as he is the first owner of the FFC middleweight belt. But Marjanović is an experienced fighter and he knows what to expect in the FFC and here are just some of the names that might challenge his position on the top.

Igor Emkić is a fighter you already called out and it would be a real Sarajevo-Banja Luka war. The tensions would be really high.

My match with Igor is definitely the most anticipated one lately. Many organizations already tried to set it up but with no success so far.

Andy Vrtačić called you out after his surprising win in light heavyweight division. He is so far undefeated and very talented.

Yes, Andy Vrtačić expressed his desire to fight in a title match against me. I think he is very talented, young fighter with diverse technique. But would he go past me? It is hard to say when you’re not in the ring.

What about a rematch against Miran Fabjan?

I wanted a rematch with him for a long time, but in the meantime I grew fond of him and I don’t want to fight him that much anymore. But he also went two divisions up and I am not sure if he would drop the weight. I’m not sure if that match is possible.

Is Nikita Chub still someone you want to do a rematch with?

I have some unsettled business with Chub too since last year when I entered the match with injury. My leg was completely rotten and I had an arm injury that I sustained in a match five days earlier in The Netherlands. If I’d been healthy I think that the outcome would have been difference. But he is a tough fighter and will not exchange punches on whim.

Cheick Sidibe came to FFC to win the title, but Rene Wimmer surprised him. Do you think he is the most dangerous middleweight fighter nevertheless?

Cheick Sidibe is a good and experienced fighter with many good matches and titles under his belt. He is tough, but Wimmer KO’ed him. I first thought it was a lucky punch, but now that I fought Wimmer, I realized it was not so. Wimmer is a hard hitter with good boxing techniques and he can take good beating.

What about Jason Wilnis?

Wow, Jason Wilnis would be a fucking tough challenge. It would be a match in which I could either win or lose it all. But I don’t think it will happen since he is now a Glory champion. For him I would have to be in my best shape ever.