FFC Futures 2: Official results

May 5th, 2014

FFC Futures 2: Official results

FFC Futures 2 took place this Saturday in Opatija, Croatia and brought nine new Futures finalists who will fight in the superfinals at the end of this year in the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Two Croatian fighters won both superfights. Ante Delija defeated Ruben Wolf from Germany, while Mladen Brestovac knocked out his opponent from Lithuania.

The mini (daily) eight-man tournaments were held in five weight classes (KB: -70kg, -81kg, -86kg, -95kg, +95kg, MMA: -70kg, -77kg, – 84kg, -93kg, +93kg), and a "Futures Winner" had to win three bouts in one day. Quarterfinal bouts started from 9 A.M., the semis at 1 P.M., while the finals kicked off at the FFC standard 8 P.M. slot and were aired on the national television. MMA fighters had their first two matches in the "one five-minute round" format, while the final boutswere comprised of two five-minute rounds. Kickboxers did their first two matches in the "two two-minute rounds" format, and the final bout took three two-minute rounds to finish. Each "Futures Winner" automatically becomes a semifinalist in the final tournament, which is to be held in December in Zagreb. The overall winner, i.e "Futures Champion" will be awarded a cash prize and a contract with Final Fight enabling him to fight on one of the biggest European combat sports stages.

The evening was headlined by two superfights with Glory's rising star Mladen Brestovac and Ante Delija and they both defeated their opponents. Brestovac knocked out Tomas Pakutinskas already in the first round while Delija defeated his Ruben Wolf from Germany in the second round by guillotine.


FFC Futures 2 finals:

-70kg – Finko Barisic def. Dino Taci
-77kg – Jasmin Bajrovic def. Andelko Rebic – KO, 2nd round
-85kg – Matijas Baric def. Nenan Šancic – KO, 2nd round
-91kg – Andrija Lekic def. Mitar Dugalic
+91kg – Dino Belosevic def. Simon Krizmanic
Mladen Brestovac def. Tomas Pakutinkas – KO, 1st round

-70kg – Jasmin Ilijas def. Velimir Rasic – SUB (armbar), 1st round
-77kg – Tadija Majic def. Ivica Vranko – SUB (heel hook), 1st round
-84kg – Pleurat Smajli def. Asmir Sadikovic – KO, 1st round
-93kg – Martin Batur def. Ivan Karacic – SUB (guillotine), 1st round
Ante Delija def. Ruben Wolf – SUB (guillotine), 2nd round