New Unified MMA rules starting January 1, 2017

January 12th, 2017

New Unified MMA rules starting January 1, 2017

FFC is busy working on its new events that are about to kick off this spring, but this year also bring some new interesting changes when it comes to MMA rules at FFC events as well.

In 2016 the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) approved a package of rules changes that amount to the greatest alterations to MMA’s Unified Rules since their inception. The new rules include clearer language for judging and a redefinition of what makes a fighter grounded.

The most significant change is more clarity in the scoring criteria. Effective striking and grappling are the top tier for judging rounds. Only if those things are equal judges turn to aggression and then cage control. The definition of a 10-8 round is also more liberal with the changes, asking judges to look at dominance, duration and impact. Moreover, besides a redefinition of what makes fighter grounded, fingers pointing at the opponent’s face or eyes, will be a foul. The changes also remove two fouls from the MMA Unified Rules such as heel strikes to the kidneys and the grabbing of the clavicle.