‘The Armenian Tiger’ ahead of his FFC title bout: ‘I had too much respect for Petje, this time I will knock him out’

November 17th, 2016

‘The Armenian Tiger’ ahead of his FFC title bout: ‘I had too much respect for Petje, this time I will knock him out’

Tigran Movsisyan and Samo Petje will cross gloves again in the lightweight title bout at FFC 27. The two already delivered an excellent and tight match last year in which Samo Petje managed to defend his title. However, the Slovenian fighter lost his belt to Meletis Kakoubavas in Athens, unlike Movsisyan who scored another victory in the FFC ring. Champion Kakoubavas got stripped off his belt and Movsisyan will get a new chance to win the belt with an old acquaintance.

FFC 27 Night of Champions will be the biggest event in the FFC history. Do you also have feeling that this event is going to be special?

“Yes, I have this feeling that this could be the most important match of my career so far. This bout is also significant because it will be my rematch with Petje. We fought last year, the match was pretty tight and I want to show everyone I am the best.”

You also fought in other organizations and won other titles. What does FFC belt mean to you?

“I’d say that winning the FFC title would be very good for me because this is a big organization that will continue to grow. This promotion means a lot to me and I feel like at home at FFC.”

What did you learn from your first match with Petje?

“I learned I’m much better fighter than I thought I was. Because I used to think he is much more experienced than me. Maybe I had too much respect for him as FFC champion. But during the match I realized there is no difference between us, I even think I am better. I respect the decision because he was the champ. I think the match could have easily been a draw. I realized I have to do more than I did last time and I know I am capable of knocking him out.”

What do you plan to do differently in this match?

“I will put such a pressure on him that he will not be able to fight after second round.“

So this time we will see a KO?

“Yes, I will try to make it a KO. I will not leave it to the judges. The belt will be mine.“”

Petje suffered a brutal KO when he lost his title in Greece. Do you think he is the same fighter after such a KO?

“I respect Petje, I think he is a great fighter. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. He is a real fighter and he had time to get some rest and recover. He took a couple of months off and he did not fight, if I’m correct. I think he is a good fighter and he should not be any different now than before. I hope, at least. Because I want to defeat him at his best. I hope that KO did not change him because it happens to everybody. He is a good fighter and I hope he continues his career and does his best in the ring. I will do the same. And, of course, I will win.”

Do you think this match will be more dangerous than the first one sine Petje is not a champ anymore, he will enter the ring with different mindset and probably risk more.

“You are right, I agree. He approached the previous match too technically, I’d say. He did not want to fight this much and throw other combinations. He kept the distance and he was not as aggressive as with other fighters. I hope he will try to prove he is a real fighter and that he will do his best, because that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t care if he changed after the KO. I’m not interested in Petje. I’m interested in the belt and FFC rankings because I want to prove I am the best fighter in my division. I will win.“”

Your message to fighting sports fans who plan to come and see you fight?

“I’d like to invite all fighting sports fans to come because this will be one of the biggest events in Europe. I will do my best and give it all. I am a warrior and I will prove that. I will give you what you want – war.”